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Outside upgrading to web3, or supporting with $ if you can, the best way to support this initiative is by sharing and blue pilling your social network, friends and family. If orange is for bitcoin, then blue must represent web3, and both represent 2 sides of a bitcoin for freedom!

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It's private

There is no sign-up required to browse web3. You do not even need to provide an email for basic use. Additionally, if you do create an account, all data is encrypted with your password

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It's personal

Everything you do is owned by you. Your data is not controlled or owned by others. You are free to share copies to let others own a version or keep encrypted in your account.

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It's your gateway

Gain freedom on a new web, owned by its users, and with privacy and control built-in.


Lume Web grants your access to web3

Currently, there is a lot of marketing and hype around "Web3", because frankly most don't have a clue on what Web3 is, just that there is money in it! It is the second .com boom. Similar can be said for "The Metaverse", but many will love to pitch and sell otherwise. Most things claiming to "be" Web3 are really just another platform trying to make money off you, but not really being on a secure, decentralized web that is intended for your freedom.

Now many of the services have technology that are "building blocks" for the next internet, but the owners have other ideas as well, which makes them into what they were marketed to not be. That is... centralized "SaaS" services that want to sell you something, but only achieve becoming another internet walled garden, with some "blockchain" technology mixed in.

Free Yourself

We have had decentralized internet for a while now (decades) in various forms, so consider Web3 an upgrade that combines many of these attempts + blockchain, into an evolution for the user-owned internet, rather than us, the user, becoming batteries in the matrix.

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